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Fort McMurray Fire Damage Restorations
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Fort McMurray Fire Damage Restorations
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Water Damage Restoration Services in Fort McMurray

Fort McMurray Emergency Water Damage Restoration


Panic is the completely natural response when water damage or flood damage is discovered at your Fort McMurray property, but panic will only slow you down – and time is the most important thing to consider when it comes to water damage. The quicker that you act, the easier it is going to be to save your property. The quicker you contact Fort McMurray Restorations the quicker we can begin to save your property and restore it back to how it was.

The quicker that you contact us, the more money you’ll save because you’ll be able to save the most amount of the structure of your property, with minimal restoration costs. You may even find that your insurance company covers the majority of the water damage restoration costs or flood damage restoration costs, so make them the second people to call after us.

Our 24 hour water damage service for Fort McMurray ensures that we will immediately assess your property and understand exactly what needs to be done in order to save it. Our Fort McMurray Restoration Professionals ensure that you can talk to a person, not a recorded message, and we will send our experts to your property to immediately begin the work.

When we speak to you on the phone, we’ll need to know your address, contact details, and name, as well as the extent – as far as you know – of the water damage to your property, how the damage occurred, and if your electricity is still on or not. After that, you can hand over the problem to us. That call is vital, because we cannot help you unless we know that you are in need.

Residential Water Damage

What To Expect Once Fort McMurray Restorations Arrives

Water damage is an upsetting time, and we do not want to leave you alone which is why you’ll see us arriving as quickly as possible. We may not have the time to explain everything that we do as we go, but we’ll make sure that you are kept informed about the processes of returning your Fort McMurray property back to how it was, and as we follow a carefully industry approved set of procedures, you’ll know that we’ll never be doing anything that could harm your property.

Our Process

  • Fix the Source of the Problem

    Our first port of call is to discover where the water is coming from, and to make sure that no more is flowing out. When that is done, we can start to prevent water damage to areas that have not been hit yet. Understanding whether the water is clean or not is the next natural step.

  • Assess Extent of Damage

    Now comes the most complicated step: damage assessment and analysis. It may seem that we are only focusing on the negatives, but to understand how to help you we must first understand what damage has been done. This is your home or property, and we don’t like giving bad news, but it is must better to know because we can then immediately start to put a plan together to restore the water damage to what it was before the loss. Now you can start looking forward to using your Fort McMurray property again.

  • Water Removal

    Now it is time to remove all that water that is in your property, and you’ll start to feel better as soon as the water starts disappearing and revealing more and more of your home. All possessions will be moved off site if required to make the water removal that much easier to do, and then after the pumps have taken the majority of the water away, fans and dehumidifiers will draw the water out of the walls, floors, and ceilings. Although this is a simple process, it’s not something that you can rush, and it could take a few days.

All possessions that can be saved, will be. Our cleaning and restoration teams will do as much as they can, and anything that needs to be replaced will be explained to you.

All Fort McMurray properties will need to be structurally sound and dependable, which is the next key step in our water damage restoration process. We use moisture monitors to ensure that the drying process was completely successful, and then we begin the painting, drywalling, decorating, and cleaning processes that will bring your property back to life – and we’ll do it as expertly and as efficiently as we can.

Residential Water Damage


3-Step Process


We Do It All For You

Absolutely any water concern that you have in Fort McMurray, we can help with, including sanitation, remodeling, redecoration, and so much more – including odor removal. It just takes one call. As soon as we know that you need our help, our professionals that are standing by will be sent straight out to your property to begin the process. Without calling, we will have no idea that you are in need of assistance, and you’ll be left to face these huge problems alone.

We love seeing people move back into their properties with smiles on their faces, seeing their Fort McMurray property as it should be, and that spurs us on to work harder for you. Water damage doesn’t have to mean the end of a property, and although it is devastating, it is fixable. Just call us and let us help you.

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