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Fort McMurray Fire Damage Restorations
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Fort McMurray Fire Damage Restorations
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Fort McMurray Fire Damage Restoration

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If you've had fire damage at your Fort McMurray home or business and need immediate assistance, we're here for you at Fort McMurray Fire Damage Restorations. Depend on us to come immediately and start putting things right.

Fort McMurray Fire Damage Restoration


The world has been brought to silence as it has watched the terrible fire damage that has been sweeping through Fort McMurray and surrounding areas, and for those who live in the area, it is both a terrifying and destructive force. Whole communities have been separated as people have fled for their lives, and homes and belongings have been abandoned to the fire in order to ensure the safety of people.

But the fire damage will not continue forever. The sterling efforts of hundreds of professionals and volunteers will turn the tide, and the wildfire will be stopped, controlled, and then ended. In the aftermath of this great fire many people will be returning to their fire damaged homes – or what’s left of them, in need of immediate fire damage restoration services.

We are here to provide Fort McMurray Fire Damage Restoration Services the best way that we can. Our fully trained, expert flood and fire damage restoration professionals have aided people who have suffered flood and fire damage time and time again, and we are ready and waiting to offer our help and expertise to those who find their homes in Fort McMurray partially destroyed by this fire. We were critical to the recovery efforts during the 2013 High River / Calgary floods, and can bring the same level of response and care to your property in Fort McMurray. Going through something as traumatic as this can often leave people feeling completely helpless, but the services of a professional fire damage restoration company such as ourselves will be able to help you not only recover as much of your possessions as possible, but also return your home back to how it was.

High grade technology and well-practiced services ensure that we can offer smoke removal and fire damage restoration services for the entirety of your Fort McMurray home or place of business, which means that we can return your ceilings, walls, floors, and even your possessions as close as we can to how they were before the fire. At the same time, we can help with assessing and restoring any long term damage that may have arisen from the fire damage.

As soon as you are informed that it is safe to return to your home, you need to act fast. The first twenty four hours after a fire is the most important, and when you can do the most good to your home and belongings. This rapid response will ensure that any of the acid and decay in the soot will be halted, and not allowed to continue to degrade your home. The sooner that our Fort McMurray Fire Damage Restoration Experts can get to your property, the quicker they can assess and understand the full extent of the damage, and give you an idea about how long it will take for the whole restoration process to be completed. That is why we have a 24/7 Fort McMurray fire damage response team, so that as soon as we can start returning your home to the way it was, we can.Our experience as the largest fire damage restoration team in the area has told us again and again that leaving things be for a few days while you catch your breath only makes the clean up and restoration process longer and sadly, more expensive.

We have Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC), which means that every single member of our team has the knowledge and experience to be able to work on your property to the highest standards. Your insurance company and ourselves will work together to make sure that the fire clean up and restoration process is swift and easy for you, so that you do not have to worry about it. Our fire damage clean up crew will begin immediately, as any delay will lead to the odors and bacteria sinking into furnishings, walls, floors, and ceilings – making it very difficult to remove. By working this quickly, we can help you to return to your life in Fort McMurray as quickly as possible.

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Fire Damage Restoration Process

At the very beginning of the whole restoration process is the visual survey and practical inspection of absolutely everything that has been affected by the fire. This will include any soot, ash, odors, and poisonous aspects that a fire can leave behind. Once we have a clear idea of exactly what has happened, we will be able to put a plan together of what needs to happen in order to restore everything to how it was. When we have received your authorization, our clean up crews and fire damage restoration specialists will come to your Fort McMurray property and begin using our professional techniques to clean your home as effectively and as quickly as possible.

Our Process

  • Fix the Problem

    Any trace of odors that are left at your home or place of business in Fort McMurray can be removed by our own proprietary solutions and deodorizers that are industry standard

  • Examine

    Our soot cleaning experts will examine every inch of your home, from the floor to the walls to the ceiling, to make sure that every trace is gone

  • Assess

    We assess whether it will be less expensive to replace rather than restore particular elements – though many of our clients are surprised at how many things that they assumed would have to be thrown away can be restored to almost near perfect condition

  • Begin Restoration Work

    The fire damage restoration and/or replacement process begins as our restoration crews move in, using their specialised processes to clean and restore your belongings and furnishings, so that you can soon return to your home and resume your life, just as you left it

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3-Step Process


Fire Damage Restoration Tips

As soon as you return to your property in Fort McMurray:

  • Ensure your fire marshal has permitted you to enter the building
  • Open all of the windows to start the ventilation process
  • Take photos and video of all the fire and smoke damage for your insurance company
  • Throw all food and drink into the trash, as they could all be contaminated
  • Write an inventory of everything that has been destroyed, or damaged
  • Never touch any plugs or electrical sockets
  • Keep all receipts from any fire damage restoration/cleaning/removal professionals for your insurance company
  • Do not make any temporary repairs until your insurance company has seen the real extent of the damage
  • Make sure you are always wearing a protective mask to prevent soot inhalation
Water Damage Cleanup

Whether you have experienced a small kitchen fire or your entire home has been swallowed up by the Fort McMurray wildfire, we are here to help you and assist in any way that we can. There is a lot to think about public adjusters, insurance representatives, the water board, the electricity board, the local government –so give over the stress and the worry of returning your home to the way that it was by entrusting us to give you back the home that you loved. As a company that is fully insured, fully certified, and available 24/7, no matter what extent the damage that you are faced with, we are here to help and to put your home and everything in it to right.

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