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Fort McMurray Fire Damage Restorations
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Fort McMurray Fire Damage Restorations
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About Us

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You Can Trust Fort McMurray Restorations

We're so sorry this happened to you.

Each and every time that we say this, we mean it, but because of the nature of our jobs we find that we say it a lot. No one wants to feel alone when their home or business property has been damaged by water or flooding, and it can seem cruel when water is the giver of life and yet such a destructive force at the same time.

We are Fort McMurray Restorations and we work every day to make things right. It doesn’t matter how much damage has been done to your property, as our water damage, flood damage, and fire damage experts will take a holistic approach to tailor our skills and services to your individual circumstances. You can depend on Fort McMurray Restorations for every step of the process to restore your property back to how it was.

We want to get you back to your life as soon as possible, which is why our state of the art tooling and industry approved techniques are combined with years of experience, the perfect mixture to help your home sparkle again. Along with water and fire damage, we have experts in smoke and soot removal, odor removal, and flood cleanup so that you don’t have to worry – and when paired alongside our reconstruction experts, we are able to do our best for you.

But we know that there is always more to learn, which is why our experts are constantly training in the most advanced and newly discovered techniques, so we can offer you our very best. We never want to offer a sub-standard services to our customers at Fort McMurray who depend on us to help them restore their homes.

Our commitment to you begins as soon as you pick up that phone and dial our number, as our team of 24/7 service professionals will immediately start to help you move forward from your water damage. You won’t have to talk to a machine, or someone out of state – we are here, part of the Fort McMurray community, and ready to help you.

Reasons to Hire Us

There are plenty of reasons why we at Fort McMurray Restorations are the people to call if you find yourself with water or flooding damage, and these are just some of them:

  • Convenient

    We have everything you could possibly need for a complete restoration – a true one stop shop.

  • 24/7 Availability

    Our 24/7 staff man our phones day and night, because water damage never sleeps.

  • Quality Assurance

    Our testing ensures structural security before anyone takes a step inside.

  • On- and Off-site Restoration

    We have on site and off site restoration teams to speed up the process for you.

  • Off-site Storage

    Storage solutions can be offered to keep undamaged items safe and sound.

  • Positively Persistent

    We never stop until we have completed the restoration of your property, and you're happy.

  • Local

    We are a locally mobilized company, well known for our assistance in the 2013 Highriver / Calgary floods.


What They're Saying About Us

Many of those customers have highly recommended us for the hard work and extreme effort that we put into returning their home back to normal. No one likes to return home and find that everything that they have built seems to have been destroyed, but there is always hope, and we can bring it to you as soon as you give us a call.

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There’s no time to delay – if you have any water or flooding damage, even if you think that it is only a small amount, then give us a call. There may be far more structural damage than you can see, and we want to help you make your home safe and restore it back to how it was. Just give us a call.


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